This is a project about our dogs. In July 2012, Lulu at 10 was diagnosed with lymphoma that spread to her liver, spleen, and lymphnodes. Schlomo at 18 had cardiac failure — his little heart was dilated to the size of a grapefruit. It was very clear that they wouldn’t be with much longer.

With their diagnoses I began maximizing our outdoor time and photographing all our activities. These photographs document an incredibly meaningful time for me and, I suppose, them. However, on Labor Day weekend I took a photo of Lulu and was taken aback. She looked so different from the dog I had taken a photograph of two months earlier on Memorial Day. I realized that these photos, while meaningful to me, were also only capturing the essence of cancer and the process of her dying. They weren’t capturing her essence.

This brought me to the question – how can I capture their essence before they depart? And so I began this process which would actively involve their participation. We made ink paw prints and clay paw prints, began doing 3D scans and collecting samples for canine genotyping.

This site is the repository of all those activities.

schlomo and lulu

Schlomo and Lulu share a bed.

There are many people who have been incredibly generous with their time and expertise and I would like to thank them here: Taylor Absher, Yasser Ansari, Nurit Bar-Shai, Matthew Belanger, Greg Borenstein, Eric Hagan, Paul May, Oliver Medvedik, Jackson Snellings, Genspace, ITP/NYU, NYU/AMS.